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Excarnated Entity - Stillborn in Ash LP

Excarnated Entity - Stillborn in Ash LP

  • EXCARNATED ENTITY (Washington, USA) - Stillborn in Ash (2019) LP.  4 song debut release from EXCARNATED ENTITY shows the band's ominous first dank steps into their sonic Death/Doom bog here on their first breath on “Stillborn in Ash”. Brutal and oozing with that Old School vibe, Encarnated Entity have released one of the best demos of 2019.  It truly is surprising why this release didn't receive more buzz within the underground.  Check it out and hear for yourself!

    Featuring ex-Anhedonist member. This Nuclear Winter Records LP version comes with all-new artwork and completely remixed audio. Highly recommended for fans of:  Cruciamentum, Ritual Necromancy, Excommunion, Father Befouled and Unaussprechlichen Kulten. Nuclear Winter Records – NWR077


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