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Eximperitus - Šahrartu LP

Eximperitus - Šahrartu LP

  • EXIMPERITUS (Belarus) - Šahrartu (2021) (sealed LP copy; Random Coloured vinyl - limited to 300 copies).  Eximperitus are a band who have not only lived up to their hype and mystique, but surpassed all expectations on Šahrartu in every way imaginable. It’s been five long years since the band released their full-length debut, and all that time away has resulted in not a second wasted. On their newest release, Eximperitus have focused on atmospherics, dynamics, and an ingenious use of layering to create music that genuinely sounds as alien as the imagery.  Make no mistake, Šahrartu is a truly spectacular Death Metal album worthy of the band’s reputation, and one that will continue spinning regularly throughout this year and beyond. Words can’t adequately capture the profusion of emotions that a record like this can elicit. What else can really be said at this point, other than for you to hear it for yourselves.  **originally published on**  Willowtip ‎– WT-185-2


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