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Father Befouled - Anointed In Darkness (Live In Europe) CD

Father Befouled - Anointed In Darkness (Live In Europe) CD

  • FATHER BEFOULED (Georgia, USA) - Anointed In Darkness (LIVE in Europe) CD (2020).  LIVE soundboard recording from the "Holy Desolation Over Europe" Tour, April-May 2019.   For anyone not familiar with this band: The name FATHER BEFOULED is synonymous for pure annihilation and savagery for fans of Grim and Slimy Death Metal. Their aural offerings to the cavernous realms of bleak music are presented to please those who have an affection for a very dark and oppressive Death Metal style. The guitar work is switching between stoic and brooding parts and faster and more aggressive sections. There is a certain melodic factor in the music, but not so much at the surface but subtly woven into the overall sound, shimmering through the atonal riff and blast attacks. There are some crawling pieces where the bleak guitar sound helps creating an eerie and depressing atmosphere.

    For a LIVE recording the sound is pretty respectable here. This music style asks for a raw and rotten production, and thanks to a good mix the overall sound quality is not too far off a studio record. The songs have been taken from their more recent albums from 2010 onwards. 

    It seems that the first tour in Europe is something of which the band is proud of, and this is the reason why they decided to use this occasion to produce such an output. While this might not be a full compensation for a new album it is great little gem to add to the collection. And it is also a great chance to get a first picture of one of the best US Death Metal outfits of our time.  **originally published on by Edmund Sackbauer**  Krucyator Productions ‎– KP032

    ►Jewel case CD with 8 page booklet
    ►Recorded from the original soundboard audio on April 30th, 2019
    at Bambi Galore in Hamburg, Germany
    ►Mastered by Justin Stubbs.
    ►Artwork by Justin Stubbs.


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