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Fit For Abuse - Mindless Violence LP

Fit For Abuse - Mindless Violence LP

  • FIT FOR ABUSE (Massachusetts, USA) - Mindless Violence (1996) (sealed LP copy; colour unknown - 2015 Armageddon Shop Re-issue) Boston has a Hardcore pedigree second to none: Negative FX, Gang Green, Jerry’s Kids, Siege, SSD? Come on now. That was the ’80s; rough and tumble times. Remember when everyone went soft in the ’90s? Not Boston. FIT FOR ABUSE carried the torch for the true Boston sound. Hard as fuck. Early SSD mixed with Slapshot. This record could be the soundtrack to those times where you wake up with a black eye, a half bag full of someone else’s coke, and your mouth tasting like your own blood. This record is the re-master of FFA’s first single from 1997 in all its Hardcore glory. Blistering from start to finish. Boston at its best. Mandatory. I can still taste the blood in my mouth. **album reviewed by Tim Brooks from Armageddon Shop Records**  Armageddon Shop ‎– 007


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