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From The Depths - From The Depths LP

From The Depths - From The Depths LP

  • FROM THE DEPTHS (OH, USA) - Transparent Gold "Autumn" Splatter gatefold vinyl. Hailing from the fertile Cleveland Metal scene, FROM THE DEPTHS were very much a product of the mid '90s. Existing between 1994 and 2000, FROM THE DEPTHS featured ex-Blood of Christ guitarist Matt Sorg and fittingly played a form of Metal that was somewhere between Blackened Death and Deathened Black, depending on the song. Of those songs across From The Depths, all crunch and twist and surge and stomp with diabolical abandon, emitting an atmosphere both evil and otherworldly. In fact, with its robust 'n' gutted soundfield that somehow manages to evoke an ethereal aspect (in no small part to the ancient synth textures), From the Depths is the kind of record that could've come out on the cult Unisound label. Most specially, From The Depths featured the vocals talents of one "Malcolm Judas Anthony," otherwise known as metal-scene legend Jim Konya: tragically, the longtime NUNSLAUGHTER drummer died in September 2015, but his infectious spirit is all across the record, and its packaging will pay tribute to the man. Out of print for many years on CD since its original 1996 release and now with a reconfigured tracklisting exclusively for vinyl, FROM THE DEPTHS' debut album will find a new generation of devotees - and hopefully, stir the memories of those diehards from back in the day.  **originally published on Hells Hedbangers** Hells Headbangers ‎– HELLS LP 173


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