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Fuck You Pay Me - Dumbed Down LP

Fuck You Pay Me - Dumbed Down LP

  • FUCK YOU PAY ME (Ohio, USA)  ‎– Dumbed Down (sealed LP copy; 2017 Tankcrimes Re-press on Transparent Blue vinyl - limited to 500 copies)  On the band’s third record, and first for Tankcrimes, they continue to do what they always do: lay down some fast and rockin’ Hardcore peppered with their lead singer’s off-kilter look at the world. Most of the songs are below the two minute mark. They’re little packets of adrenaline disguised as songs. They just start, fuck shit up and end, before you have a chance to catch your breath. Though, you will want to play them again, because they are remarkably catchy. "Dumbed Down" is a wild and out of control shot of blistering Hardcore. It rages and burns with an energy of a band half its age. This one kills. Don’t miss out. **originally published on**  Tankcrimes ‎– TC101


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