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Fullcount - Concessions & Compromises LP

Fullcount - Concessions & Compromises LP

  • FULLCOUNT (Quebec, Canada) - Concessions & Compromises (2014) (Clear w/Blue Splatter vinyl - limited to 100 copies) (2020 People of Punk Rock Records Re-issue) This is the first release from Quebec City Skate-Punks FULLCOUNT now available on vinyl!  Includes two bonus cover songs. Hyper, fast drum fills, melodic guitar harmonies and dynamic bass lines. This band plays super tight. The vocals strike the right balance between gruff and melodic, just what this band needs. The songwriting is really strong throughout the album. A lot of the tracks are Fat Wreck style punk with a lot of well-placed gang vocals and some Metal guitar licks thrown in for good measure. There's a strong Propagandhi/A Wilhelm Scream  influence, but there's enough to differentiate Fullcount from mere imitators; this band has strong skills across the board. People of Punk Rock Records ‎– POPR-016V


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