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GG ALLIN - Doctrine of Mayhem LP

GG ALLIN - Doctrine of Mayhem LP

  • GG ALLIN - Doctrine of Mayhem LP (2020 Blood Orange/Black n' Blue Re-issue on Black vinyl.  In 1990 when this was first released, Black & Blue Records was gaining worldwide recognition as a label thanks to the GG ALLIN association. With that status, distributors came knocking and one of the largest took a large amount of the records, defaulting on the payments & finally declaring bankrupcy and Black & Blue lost a lot of $$ because of it.

    It almost bankrupted the label.  Luckily they made it through. In 1997 the PMRC was sinking their fangs into labels & pressing plants and it continues to this day. After the release of the 2LP set - Doctrine of Mayhem/Boozin' & Pranks - Rainbow Records called Peter Yarmouth in 1997 to say they had destroyed the Boozin' mothers and Doctrine was in queue for the same fate, luckily he convinced them run one final pressing of vinyl only, without covers. The remains of that batch sat in storage for the last 23 years - 434 copies to be exact. This is the end of Doctrine of Mayhem vinyl, so we ran a custom cover & insert so you fans could get one before they vanished for good. We hope you like the latest Blood Orange Records/Black n' Blue co-release!  **originally published on** Blood Orange Records ‎– BOR1980-04, Black & Blue Records ‎– BNB222-X


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