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Ghoul - Dungeon Bastards LP

Ghoul - Dungeon Bastards LP

  • GHOUL (California, USA) - Dungeon Bastards (sealed/coloured LP) For those new to the band, the first mistake is to take Ghoul too serious. Do you want old-school Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, or some esoteric Grind? Then stay away from the sewers of Creepsylvania. Ghoul is all about having fun and Creepsylvania is a sanctuary from all your worldly troubles. It is a silly little place that I enjoy absorbing myself into. The kooky lyrics, the slick riffs, the pummeling drums, and the barks, rasps, gang shouts, and hilarious whining; I love it all. And my appreciation for the band has not changed one iota since the first spin of Dungeon Bastards.  Released by Tankcrimes in 2016


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