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Ghoul - Splatterthrash!!! LP

Ghoul - Splatterthrash!!! LP

  • GHOUL (California, USA) - Splatterthrash!!! (2006) (sealed/coloured LP) While Ghoul might have ramped up the silliness of their project with the cartoon collage cover art on Splatterthrash, their third full-length, the music was anything but. And that's honestly one of the things I so admire about the West Coast creeps, how they marry such an amusing, goofy gimmick with a seriously excellent riff set and dynamic songwriting which never really got dull through the majority of their career to date. I know there's a massive backlash we always see against "joke bands", but I'm not sure this one even qualifies for that category since they put more effort into what they're doing than a large portion of the serious bands. But sure, Ghoul is a band you have fun to, laughing at their Creepsylvanian lyrical concepts and send-ups to the horror/exploitation genre. Repress on Tankcrimes 2015.


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