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Ghoul - Transmission Zero LP

Ghoul - Transmission Zero LP

  • GHOUL (California, USA) - Transmission Zero (2011) (sealed/coloured LP)  Ghoul meld Thrash Metal to just about every heavy-handed subgenre imaginable, from squealing pig-fuck to Death Metal to Hardcore. And while a seasoned Forced Entry/Exhorder/Death/Megaforce/Carcass/etc. enthusiast will recognize the Nods To The Gods the quartet throw out there, it would interesting to find out what newbies think of this simmering brew. I remember sleeve-tatted kids going nuts over Himsa’s mix of the old and the new (I should mention that’s where the connection between the two bands ends); will Ghoul get the same level of recognition? In any event, they should; Transmission Zero holds gold-standard value for anyone remotely receptive of metal-based products. Repress on Tankcrimes 2015.


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