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GOB & Another Joe - Ass Seen on TV (Split CD)


GOB & Another Joe - Ass Seen on TV (Split CD)

  • GOB (BC, Canada) Split with ANOTHER JOE (BC, Canada) "Ass Seen on TV" CD (1997).  In the mood for some all-ages-neo-punk-matinee-gig fun?  Well, GOB and ANOTHER JOE take you there with "Ass Seen on TV," a 17-song split CD featuring the two suburban Vancouver Punk bands.

    GOB start things off with some straight-ahead Melodic Punk played enthusiastically and "by the book." It's easy to envision young kids being totally into and inspired by GOB, especially in a live setting! Featuring the stand-out tracks "The Other Way" and "Something's Wrong" GOB are all about setting the standard for 90's Punk and the adolescent attitude of living life the way YOU want.

    ANOTHER JOE aren't that far off from the GOB scheme of things, you can really tell they enjoy playing their instruments and creating a ruckus amongst pit-goers.  Running the gamut from Bad Religion to The Doughboys to even minor traces of Metal on the track "Palm Mute," ANOTHER JOE have a distinctive edge to their punk-pop sound and they play with conviction, no less (great bass sound, too).  All in all, this is a wonderful split from two great Canadian Punk bands that are worthy of your short-attention span.  Landspeed Records  ‎– LS2-005, Mighty Idy Records ‎– IDY-004


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