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GOB - Too Late...No Friends CD


GOB - Too Late...No Friends CD

  • GOB (BC, Canada) - Too Late...No Friends CD (1995).  Foolish, juvenile and at a thousand miles an hour, GOB's second full-length album is pretty much the definition of "snotty." It's basically a half hour of immaturity set to relatively solid Punk Rock songs, most of which clock in at less than two minutes. Hell, you just look at the song titles - "You're Too Cool," "I Want You Back Baby," "Asshole TV," "Fido Dildo," "Censorshit" - and you realize how much substance is here, there's definitely a certain charm to this album in all its big, boisterous glory.  Highly recommended for Skate Punk fans of the early 90's!  Mint Records ‎– MRD-010


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