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Gorefest - Putrid Stench of Holland's Remains (Live) (Double LP)

Gorefest - Putrid Stench of Holland's Remains (Live) (Double LP)

  • GOREFEST (Netherlands) - Putrid Stench Of Holland's Remains (12" DOUBLE LP on "Trash" coloured vinyl - limited to 300 copies). Recorded LIVE on December 1st, 1991 in Den Bosch Holland. Great sound quality of this piece of Death Metal history, recorded before their 2nd album "False" was released so it is mostly the glorious "Mindloss" songs which every true Death Metaller knows that early GOREFEST is classic, MANDATORY Death Metal. If that wasn't enough for you, the final track they play is a DEATH cover "Mutilation" which is not on any other release other than this Double LP set. For true Gore Heads released by Reek of Death Records.


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