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Grave Miasma - Odori Sepulcrorum (Digipak CD)


Grave Miasma - Odori Sepulcrorum (Digipak CD)

  • GRAVE MIASMA (UK) -  Odori Sepulcrorum (2013) (sealed Digipak CD).  The debut full-length from UK’s GRAVE MIASMA, one of the most aesthetically powerful and important Death Metal bands around today.

    “Odori Sepulcrorum” has been termed one of the most majestic and monumental Death Metal records ever.  This album is just soaked with the dark, eerie, occult atmosphere, which has been carefully crafted and the entire album almost sounds like you're listening to a band playing in catacombs, where they truly created freezing and obscure mood.

    You can almost smell the musty, rotten odour of the tombs... Truly in such albums as “Odori Sepulcrorum” the atmosphere, ability to create it and to keep it perfectly balanced is the most vital and crucial aspect of the entire experience, and Grave Miasma did manage to capture that essence perfectly.  Sometimes the riffs will almost have a secondary meaning, when you will let that atmosphere catch your throat and devour you…then sometimes you will realize that you don’t even listen to the riffs, but just admire that feeling of the music.

    You can hear the ghastly howling of vocalist Yoni Ben-Haim , which fits the entire music perfectly and everything is right there where it is supposed to be… and with the final effect being not only majestic and obscure, but sometimes almost terrifying, I can say that “Odori Sepulcrorum” is close to perfection.

    In what was seen as one of the most acclaimed and hailed Death Metal releases of 2013, GRAVE MIASMA transcends the Death Metal genre by levitating it to heights never reached before.  **originally published on**  Profound Lore Records ‎– PFL122


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