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Hellacaust - Dark Age Descending CD

Hellacaust - Dark Age Descending CD

  • HELLACAUST (Nova Scotia, Canada) - Dark Age Descending CD (2008 Bloodbucket Productions Re-issue).  The most recognized Extreme Metal band from the Maritimes deliver their debut album entitled, "Dark Age Descending" which was originally released back in 2002. 

    The band take the best parts of 2nd wave Black Metal and add it to a formula of insanely Brutal Speed Metal with hints of Thrash. The production job is quite Necro. Raw enough to be considered kvlt, but good enough that you can hear everything perfectly. Think Mayhem's "Deathcrush" taken to the next level, and this is what you have. The guitar tone is quite blasphemous, and the drum work is solid and consistent, blasts are there but only when needed, thus using it to it's full effect. The bass is there as well and will come out and do something on it's own occasionally. The vocals, well pretty much indecipherable shrieks, but fit the enraged chaos spilling forth.

    Get this now!  It's a pretty unique Extreme Metal experience.  Morbid Saint meets Deathcrush-era Mayhem. Fucking insane. Highly Recommended for fans of violence and bloodshed!  **originally published on by BurntOffering** Bloodbucket Productions (Canada) ‎– BPCD 1319


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