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Hummingbird of Death - Skullvalanche LP

Hummingbird of Death - Skullvalanche LP

  • Hummingbird Of Death (Idaho, USA)  ‎– Skullvalanche (2012) Teal Green Marble vinyl (special pre-order edition - limited to only 70 copies) Hummingbird of Death is back with their experimental 2nd LP, Skullvalanche! Although they've always hinted at their brutal Doom side on past releases, these seven slabs of bulldozery plunged straight into the deep end! The result is a soundtrack to being buried in an avalanche of skulls. However, as a fastcore band, they made sure to blend their steamroller assault with the eye-watering speed for which they are known. Hummingbird of Death play plenty to what long time listeners have come to expect: pure breakneck speed. The record is more fastcore than anything else (as you’d come to expect), but things get twisted more and more as the album burns on to make for an interesting (and bludgeoning) experience. Deep Six Records ‎– DS-165


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