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Infinitum Obscure - Internal Dark Force CD

Infinitum Obscure - Internal Dark Force CD

  • INFINITUM OBSCURE (Mexico) - Internal Dark Force CD (2006).  The band's debut full-length album re-issued in 2016 by Death Elite Records - includes a DARK ANGEL cover. 

    This magnificent debut has the trademark "Mexican" sound, in strange chords and really gritty guitar distortion, that was pioneered so well on The Chasm's masterpiece, "Deathcult for Eternity." Roberto goes for wild vocals, bringing his mid-range roar into an hysteric scream, adding a good degree of discomfort into the mix. The focal point of this album is the guitar work. Roberto manages to churn out very dark riffs, some even getting a bit disturbing. It's as if you are standing on the shore of some great body of water, and you see black horizons rushing towards you, bringing a vicious storm of riffs upon you, and from which there is no escape. It feels as though the guitars were layered on thick, creating a suffocating blanket of dark atmosphere (check out "Beyond a Dying Sun," in particular). Even when Roberto whips out a twisted solo, it comes with a lot of feeling, a feeling of obscurity and dispair. The little acoustic outro "Shadowless Light" even breathes gloom into the air, and ends the album on a strange note.

    These guys are off to a fucking strong start, with no signs of slowing down.  No wonder Jon Nodtveidt personally chose these guys to open up for Dissection for their final US dates. Honest darkness, with no bullshit. **originally published on by natrix** Death Elite ‎– IS14:12-14-001


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