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Innumerable Forms - Punishment In Flesh CD

Innumerable Forms - Punishment In Flesh CD

  • INNUMERABLE FORMS (Massachusetts, USA) - Punishment In Flesh (2018) (sealed CD copy).  Formed in 2007 by mastermind Justin DeTore (Sumerlands, Magic Circle, Mind Eraser), a veteran of the Boston Hardcore/Powerviolence scene, as a solo project to bring forth a vision of Dark Brutal Death Metal influenced by the likes of Old-School Finnish Death Metal circa 1991, INNUMERABLE FORMS have already generated quite the cult following since inception over the years with their live shows supporting a minimal repertoire, one consisting of the “Dark Worship” 7”EP, a split with Blessed Offal, and the “Frozen To Death” comp cassette.

    Now with their debut full-length album “Punishment In Flesh”, INNUMERABLE FORMS will harness the true spirit of ancient Death/Doom, darkness and fury. Seething with sheer brutality and primal rawness with total disregard and contempt for the modern-day Death Metal movement.

    With DeTore pretty much handling mostly all instruments himself on previous INNUMERABLE FORMS recordings, “Punishment In Flesh” sees DeTore assemble a full band lineup for the debut LP (which has also been the live INNUMERABLE FORMS lineup as well). 

    On this recording, INNUMERABLE FORMS are:  Justin DeTore (vocals/guitars), guitarists Chris Ulsh (Mammoth Grinder, Power Trip) and Jensen Ward (Iron Lung), bassist Doug Cho (The Rival Mob), and drummer Connor Donnegan (Genocide Pact).  Highly recommended for fans of:  Spectral Voice, Grave, Demigod, Tomb Mold and Funeral Leech**originally published on**  Profound Lore Records ‎– PFL-186


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