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Ion Dissonance - Cast The First Stone LP

Ion Dissonance - Cast The First Stone LP

  • ION DISSONANCE (Quebec, Canada) - Cast The First Stone (2016) sealed LP copy; "Salt N' Pepper" (Clear w/Black Smoke) gatefold vinyl - limited to 350 copies).  It has been six long years since ION DISSONANCE's last album, 2010's "Cursed". That is far too long a wait for many fans of a band that delivers its battery somewhere at the intersection of deathcore and heavy prog. Fortunately, the time that has lapsed since then hasn't done the group any harm. The Quebec band is still head and shoulders above its competition. Unlike many Metal artists enabled with such talent, the band channels it all, utilizing it towards songwriting, and the delivery is passionate and downright venomous.

    There are no left turns. "Cast the First Stone", their fifth proper full-length, is everything the group's fans would expect and want. The groups more mature in its approach, allowing the music to breathe where it needs to, which optimizes the heavier sections due to the contrast.

    ION DISSONANCE's mathcore approach bounces around a labyrinth of discordant riffs and rhythms that eventually make sense within the full context of entire songs. The industrial-esque instrumental "Untitled II" serves as an adequate mid-album break to properly digest everything before the unit force feeds you more oppressive belligerence.  ION DISSONANCE's absence has been noticeable, and its return is exactly what the more aggressive side of Metal and Hardcore has needed.  **originally published on; written by Jay H. Gorania** Good Fight Music ‎– GFM064


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