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Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue LP

Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue LP

  • KNOCKED LOOSE (Kentucky, USA) - A Different Shade of Blue (2019) (sealed LP copy; Clear w/Blue Splatter vinyl) Knocked Loose is the obvious evolution to decades of bands like Integrity, Disembodied, and Botch, total and complete integration between Metal and Hardcore into a singular, seamless entity. While some musical influences are easily identified - Pantera, Hatebreed, Obituary, and more - the band's palette and canvas has expanded by leaps and bounds, incorporating Gothenburg-style Death Metal (At The Gates, early In Flames), Slam Metal (Devourment, Dying Fetus), blood-thirsty Thrash (Sodom, Kreator), Black Metal (Craft), and the mind-boggling complexity of latter noisy Hardcore like Snapcase and Bloodlet. Clocking in at a lean and mean 37 minutes and featuring guest vocals from Emma Boster of Dying Wish and Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die, "A Different Shade Of Blue" grabs the listener by the throat from the jump and slowly tightens that grip for the duration.  **originally published on**  Pure Noise Records ‎– PNE247


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