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Leatherface / Hot Water Music - BYO Split Series Vol. 1 LP

Leatherface / Hot Water Music - BYO Split Series Vol. 1 LP

  • LEATHERFACE (UK) Split with HOT WATER MUSIC (USA) (1999) - Black vinyl.  This split LP, recorded in three days in 1999, seems as miraculous as it is a god-send. Because they were one of those truly astonishing modern groups that spontaneously combusted in the midst of a creative peak, LEATHERFACE's unexpected 1993 bust-up seemed particularly cruel. Thousands of scattered souls openly mourned when the news came down that the Punk/Post-Punk powerhouse had vanished. Perhaps after listening to the sea of old live recordings and B-sides, LEATHERFACE's members realized what they'd thrown away, buried what hatchets needed burying, and pulled a Lazarus. The sound of this new recording recalls the spark, the lift-off, and the balls-out clear smack of "Mush" and "The Last." Though Frankie Norman Warsaw Stubbs' vocals are mixed just a little too low to totally match those older detonations -- you have to go down into the two guitars a little to find him, making the words harder to get -- it's still such a corker, it completely corrects the muddy mixes on Stubbs' Jesse and Pope albums. This unexpected recording is a reality is that rarest of things: a long-shot wish fulfilled.

    More recent American emo stars HOT WATER MUSIC surprisingly put up a good fight. They don't waste much time either, following on Leatherface’s heels with four new songs and one re-recorded number. Newies like “Caught Up” and “Wrong and Righteous” maintain the HWM screamo/melodicore stylings, boiling your blood with their ever-infectious honesty. The closer, “The Bitter End” was originally released on the split 7″ with Six Going On Seven, re-recorded here with new arrangements.  Two amazing bands for the price of one. It’s gonna be a while before another split as good as this turns up, so grab it while you can. Better Youth Organization ‎– BYO 060


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