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Manticore - For Rats And Plague CD

Manticore - For Rats And Plague CD

  • MANTICORE (Ohio, USA) - For Rats and Plague CD (2006).  Too brutal to be called "Black Metal", too Satanic to be labelled "Death Metal"!  Spewing forth some of the most violently Satanic lyrics this side of the Atlantic. Songs like, "Liturgical Desecration" and "Sodomy in the Womb of Paradise" let you know exactly which side of the ideological fence Manticore stand on.  This US Black Metal horde has a unique sound that immediately separates them from their European brethren; a lot of it stems from their willingness to mix in different genres to diversify their sound. Manticore's filthy groove is propelled by fast thrashy riffs and blastbeats that hearken back to the old days of Venom and Possessed, and recall contemporaries like Kult ov Azazel and Bloodstorm.

    This is an absolute must own album for fans of ARCHGOAT, BLASPHEMY, PROFANATICA, REVENGE, old BEHERIT, BLACK WITCHERY, CONQUEROR, etc.  **originally published on by helvetekrieg**  Deathgasm Records ‎– DG 028


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