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Martyrdöd - List LP

Martyrdöd - List LP

  • MARTYRDÖD (Sweden) - List (2016) (sealed LP copy; Black vinyl).  These guys have always been as Metal as you can possibly get and are still the ultimate D-Beat galloping Crust band!  After 15 years and five tremendously good albums, the Scandinavian Wolfpack is back with their heart-swelling sixth full-length album called “List”. Everything in the mix sounds monolithic and consistent, without being overproduced. The 10 songs run in less than 40 minutes, which is the perfect length for a record of this ferocity.  List is a great record and a high-mark in Martyrdöd’s career. It harbors the best you can get from an epic Metal-influenced Crust album (or a Crust-influenced Metal album). It’s so fucking good I can’t get enough of it. **originally published on**  Southern Lord ‎– LORD 232


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