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MassGrave - Our Due Descent LP

MassGrave - Our Due Descent LP

  • MASSGRAVE (BC, Canada) - Our Due Descent (2018) *sealed LP copy* Black gatefold vinyl mastered at 45RPM. Embossed band logo on front cover with large A1 sized poster (24"x36") "Our Due Descent" is a thirteen-song ripper done in sixteen short minutes.  Perhaps one of the first things you’ll notice on this album is production value. It still sounds Punk, but this record hits a lot harder and sounds more cleaned up. The distortion is a little less harsh and the band has moved into a stronger pure Grindcore sound for this release, as opposed to their usual Crustcore/Grind fare. But it isn’t for the worse, not by a long shot. "Our Due Descent" doesn’t play differently from previous releases and still maintains a Crust feel. However, when tracks like “Take Me Away” or the title track play, it’s clear that the Grind dominates here. Blasts are constant (as is par for the course) and the Punk sections really bring out the Hardcore Punk the band is rooted in. Great stuff. **originally published on** Unrest Records ‎– UNREST LP059


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