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Mental Cruelty - Inferis LP

Mental Cruelty - Inferis LP

  • MENTAL CRUELTY (Germany) - Inferis (2019) (sealed LP copy; Green Smoke Swirl gatefold vinyl).  Having shown themselves to be more than capable at pushing the boundaries of extremity, MENTAL CRUELTY are looking to further their campaign of violence with their debut full-length, Inferis.  Released via renowned purveyors of the extreme Unique Leader. Being on Unique Leader comes with a certain need to be able to hold your own against the rest of the brutish label roster. MENTAL CRUELTY don’t just hold their own, they seek to victimise their fellow stable mates with a genuine shocking display of aggression.  There is a strong argument to be made that MENTAL CRUELTY could get even heavier.  The technical prowess is flooring, the vocals are horrifically brilliant, and the slam influences mean that when the riffs hit, they are earth shattering. Now combine this with a strong sense of musicality and you have a truly unstoppable act on your hands. **originally published on**  Unique Leader Records ‎– ULR246


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