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Misanthropic Rage - Towards The Greyscale Aphorysm CD

Misanthropic Rage - Towards The Greyscale Aphorysm CD

  • MISANTHROPIC RAGE (Poland) - Towards The Greyscale Aphorysm CD (2019) The 3rd full-length album from the Polish Black Metal act.  Undoubtedly original, undeniably intriguing, unmistakably misanthropic and unavoidably attracting towards the grey unknown. Misanthropic Rage are back and about to mesmerize!

    "With their latest album Misanthropic Rage further blurs the lines between Black and Death Metal, delivering the type of soaring melodies that wash over you with a dark and haunting presence alongside crushing, dense instrumentation that bludgeons your whole body. There’s still an experimental flair to the material that makes it feel a bit outside the norm for this genre.  The songwriting, however, remains strong enough to keep you coming back for another round."**originally published on**  Godz Ov War ‎– GOWP MDDCLXXIX


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