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Monstrosity - Spiritual Apocalypse LP

Monstrosity - Spiritual Apocalypse LP

  • MONSTROSITY (USA) - Spiritual Apocalypse (sealed LP copy) (2018 Metal Blade Re-issue on 180gram Black vinyl - comes with lyrics sheet, large poster and mp3 download code including bonus tracks!)

    Spiritual Apocalypse is the fifth full-length album originally released in 2007 by Floridian Death Metal legends Monstrosity.  This album is basically a combination of the band's earlier works "Imperial Doom" and "In Dark Purity." It has the Death Metal vibe of their debut along with the same riffing style of their 1999 album. Along with this, they threw in a modern Death Metal sound, and actually pulled it off better than most modern Death Metal bands out there today.

    Considered another comeback album for Monstrosity, it turned out much better than fans and critics ever expected. Spiritual Apocalypse has stellar production, great musicianship, and cool album artwork courtesy of Chinese-American artist David G. HoMetal Blade Records – 3984-15609-1


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