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Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness LP

Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness LP

  • MORBID ANGEL (Florida, USA) - Altars of Madness (sealed LP copy) (2017 Earache Re-issue on Black gatefold vinyl).   Taking top honours (ranked #1 overall) on Decibel Magazine's Top 100 Death Metal Albums of All Time list.

    This is it. This is the ultimate representation of all things blasphemous, and it takes great pride in that fact. Before Azagthoth and Vincent exploded onto the scene, the world had never seen such twisted, godly musicianship and such hatred - Altars of Madness changed everything. Sure, there was Scream Bloody Gore; sure, there was Schizophrenia - but Morbid Angel took all that had come before, pulverized it, and sacrificed it to Satan.  It's utterly heathenish; it's abstract; it's deadly. From the first second of "Immortal Rites" to the last of "Evil Spells," it's nothing short of ugly, barbaric Death Metal - and the thirty-five minutes in between are pure, unadulterated Hell on Earth.

    I don't think it's even possible for a Death Metal release ever to come anywhere near Morbid Angel's debut masterpiece. Even Nocturnus's The Key, released the next year, wouldn't stack up, despite its overwhelming atmosphere and similar Satanic fury. It's nearing Altars Of Madness's thirtieth+ anniversary of domination, and it won't be dethroned any time soon.  **ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY** Earache ‎– MOSH011FDRUS


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