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Motörhead - On Parole (Expanded & Remastered) CD


Motörhead - On Parole (Expanded & Remastered) CD

  • Motörhead (UK) - On Parole (Expanded & Remastered Digipak CD) (sealed copy) (2020).  Originally completed in 1976, "On Parole" was the first-ever recorded material by Motörhead, but was only actually released in 1979, after it was held-back by then record label United Artists.


    The album proved to be the starting point of one of the most important bands in Rock and Metal history, these early recording sessions set Motörhead's uncompromising sound and became a turning point for Lemmy who would now become front and centre of his own band and, unintentionally, one of the most iconic, influential and celebrated figures in all of music. This expanded CD version now features six bonus tracks.  Experience for yourself where it all began.  Parlophone ‎– LBRCD 1004X, Parlophone ‎– 0190295264659


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