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Nirvana - In Utero CD


Nirvana - In Utero CD

  • NIRVANA (Seattle, USA) - In Utero (1993) CD.  Steve Albini’s production, an au naturel power-trio snort that is almost monophonic in its compressed intensity, is particularly effective during those dramatic cave-ins. The word grunge, of course, doesn’t do this kind of ravishing clatter justice. But Nirvana never bought into the simple Black Flag-cum-Sabbath hoodlum shtick anyway. From Bleach on, they have specialized in a kind of luminous roar and scarred beauty that has more to do with Patti Smith, The Buzzcocks and Plastic Ono-era John Lennon.

    It’s the last thing most people would expect from "Angst Central," and it’s an inspired sign-off that shows how Nirvana have been reborn in the face of suck-cess. In Utero is a lot of things — brilliant, corrosive, enraged and thoughtful, most of them all at once. But more than anything, it’s a triumph of the will.  **originally published on**  DGC ‎– *CDGCD 24607, DGC ‎– CDGCSD 24607


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