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NOFX - First Ditch Effort LP


NOFX - First Ditch Effort LP

  • NOFX (CA, USA) - First Ditch Effort (2016) (sealed LP copy) Black vinyl.  NOFX hasn’t lost its sardonic edge; it’s just dug a little deeper into its gut for musical inspiration in recent years. But Punk Rock’s most celebrated court jesters have never cut so close to the bone as they do on First Ditch Effort.

    Arriving just months after the release of the band’s stunningly forthright tell-all, The Hepatitis Bathtub And Other Stories, NOFX’s 13th studio album continues in that same reflective vein. That goes double for Fat Mike, whose well-documented issues with drugs and alcohol in recent years inform much of the band’s new material. The same guy whose songwriting used to amount to hilarious tales of drugs, women, and bogus scene politics now looks back on years of drinks and drugs and personal relationships and ahead to what the future might hold for an aging Punk superstar.  **originally published on**  Fat Wreck Chords ‎– FAT953-1


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