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Nominon - The Cleansing (Digipak CD)

Nominon - The Cleansing (Digipak CD)

  • NOMINON (Sweden) - The Cleansing DIGIPACK CD (2012) (w/12 page booklet - sealed copy)  Sweden's NOMINON returns with their fifth full-length album. Morbid obscurity awaits as "The Cleansing" features NOMINON at their darkest and most malevolent. 

    Believe my words, “The Cleansing” does NOT disappoint. What a strong opening, what great power and energy is coming out of the speakers, what fucking mayhem!!  It is fast and relentless, and feels like you’ve been under the unstoppable fire in the battlefield. This music is so vicious and brutal and what’s more, it has more Black Metal influence that one would ever dare to expect from Nominon. Not even in your darkest dreams, would you hope for such a merciless, fast, malevolent and crushing Death Metal masterpiece. Then the production…It really is powerful as hell, with great, brutal guitar tone and fantastic drumming.  Every fast part sounds like it was about to dismember you and every slower bit, is to crush you to the bone.  And that artwork of Juanjo Castellano… Absolutely breathtaking!  So creepy, so morbid, malevolent and memorable. GET THIS NOW!!  **originally published on by: dismember_marcin**  Deathgasm Records ‎– DG-072


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