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Odious Mortem - Synesthesia LP


Odious Mortem - Synesthesia LP

  • ODIOUS MORTEM (USA) - Synesthesia (2020) (sealed LP copy) Random Mixed Coloured vinyl - limited to 330 copies. Technical Death Metal has evolved in impressive fashion over the last decade and it was a concern that ODIOUS MORTEM may have become an after thought but Synesthesia shows they can still stand toe to toe with the best the genre has to offer.

    Their technical proficiency is undeniable - an awe-inspiring slab of accomplished Death Metal aggression is even more applicable to Synesthesia. Avoiding the clinical sterility of many modern Death Metal productions, the band created a sound on Synesthesia that is raw, robust, and infused with an authentic Old-School spirit.  **originally published on**  Willowtip ‎– WT-172-2


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