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  • OFF! (USA) - OFF! (Self-Titled) (sealed LP copy) If 2012 really is the end, the members of OFF! Are determined to go out kicking and/or screaming. But preferably both. As such, they've written their first "proper" full-length album released via Vice Records.

    OFF! (self-titled) again finds lead vocalist Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag) venting spleen at anything and everything. The band's mighty, Metallic Hardcore assault has showed no signs of slowing down in the two years since the EP's, and Morris, somewhat miraculously, still seems every bit the bile-spewing burnout at the heart of Black Flag's almost 35-year-old Nervous Breakdown EP and those early, gnarly Circle Jerks records.

    When, on First Four EP's highlight "Upside Down", Morris sneered, "wonder why I'm always screaming?" there was no real need to provide an answer; the stuck pig that was the last decade of the Circle Jerks had finally, mercifully bled out, the economy had gone from bad to worse, and besides, he's Keith Morris, and screaming's just what Keith Morris does.  Vice Records ‎– VCA 80327-1


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