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Outer Heaven - Diabolus Vobiscum LP

Outer Heaven - Diabolus Vobiscum LP

  • OUTER HEAVEN (PA, USA) - Diabolus Vobiscum (2015) Transparent Purple vinyl mastered at 45RPM. Simply put, the Douglassville, Pennsylvania quartet known as Outer Heaven is "New School Death Metal with an Old School feel" (DECIBEL Magazine). But the carefully crafted mix of Doom, Sludge, Death Metal, a dash of Black Metal, and a heaping serving of Hardcore breakdowns that Outer Heaven brings to the table is anything but simple. Game changer, yes. Simple, no.

    Founded in 2012 (and discovered by Melanie at Melotov after Jami of Code Orange posted a link to their demo), Outer Heaven is a familiar name in the Hardcore scene, having played recently with bands like Full of Hell, Enabler, and Old Wounds. But on their debut EP "Diabolus Vobiscum", (which translates to "Satan Be With You"), the band dives headfirst into the abyss, showing total commitment to its sound: minimal, unearthly Doom-Death. From slithering dirges to mid-tempo headbangers, "Diabolus Vobiscum" is thoroughly soaked in evil, thanks in part to its cavernous production job. The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Outer Heaven frontman Austin Haines at his own Black Beacon Sound in Douglassville, Pennsylvania.  **originally published on**  Melotov Records ‎– MLTVR031


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