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Phobia - Remnants of Filth LP

Phobia - Remnants of Filth LP

  • PHOBIA (CA, USA) - Remnants Of Filth (2012) *sealed LP copy* Purple Marbled vinyl.  Northern Cali’s Grindcore mainstays, PHOBIA, offer up another barrage of filthy blast-induced tracks with their fifth full-length,"Remnants of Filth."  Let’s just get this out of the way now:  the members of PHOBIA offer up their patented blend of blast-beats (courtesy of skinsman maniac Bryan Fajardo), choppy Grind riffs, guttural vocal attacks, and hilarious movie samples, all wrapped in tight Punk structures that will surely appease those whom have been following the band throughout its 20-plus year history.

    "Remnants of Filth" is far from one-dimensional and takes a definite shift in gears for the final four songs on this eighteen-track ripper. “Filthy Fucking Punks” offers some of the heaviest D-Beat-laden, down-tuned Punk, you’ll find west of the Mississippi. Simply crushing. Anthemic vocals compliment this beast of a track that smashes forward like a freight train cruising through a nitroglycerin plant. Here, the sound all but abandons the speedy Grind pace that prevails on much of the record. The closing three tracks, “Constrain Relations,” “Resuscitate,” and “Inaction,” offer the perfect closing elements that blend a hearty mix of D-Beats, Grind, driving double bass work, and even melodic overtures to punctuate what will surely be definite contender for top Grind release of 2012. PHOBIA still bring forth a Grind you can trust in.  **album review written by Joshua T. Cohen;** Deep Six Records ‎– DS176


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