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Pig City - Terminal Decline LP

Pig City - Terminal Decline LP

  • PIG CITY (Arizona, USA) - Terminal Decline (2019) (Black vinyl mastered at 45RPM.)  The newest offering from Phoenix, Arizona based heavy Hardcore/Powerviolence hybrid PIG CITY (est. 2016) is for the most part, a full speed blitz mixing together elements of various Hardcore styles into one terrifying blur, with a couple of heavy slow downs that are, just like its core, no less determined to hit you in the face and leave a solid mark. “Terminal Decline” is imbued with a renewed viciousness that comes from the bottom of the gut. Phoenix's PIG CITY produce misanthropic dirges that would make an normal person question their sanity. They dig in deep and produce a sound that is reminiscent of HIS HERO IS GONE or ARTIMUS PYLE played with more frequent blastbeats. To Live A Lie ‎– TLAL167, King Of The Monsters **originally published on**


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