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Poison Idea - Pick Your King LP

Poison Idea - Pick Your King LP

  • POISON IDEA (Oregon, USA) - Pick Your King (sealed LP copy; Black vinyl mastered at 45RPM).  A distilled 13 minute landmark that should not be ignored. It’s a wonder how five people, most likely very manic in nature, could get together and make something so single-minded and vivid. Don't expect any surprises; these tracks are about as straight and furious as Hardcore gets. They're rough, sure, but even 30 years later they're still really fucking good, thanks in no small part to Pig Champion's relentless riffing. Pick Your King is an exemplary document of professionalism in US Hardcore. For as sloppy and brash as it presents itself, when it comes down to it, every component to this EP is completed to near perfection. It employs a democratic mix of scratchy guitar riffs and speedy hardcore beats, allowing no one component of the song to drown any other while front man Jerry A. paradoxically sounds as focused as he is exhausted in his intense vocal delivery. They achieve rawness through both their performances and their production. Get this fabulous piece of US Hardcore history now, no collection should be without!  Jackpot Records – JPR-055


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