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Popiól - Zabobony CD

Popiól - Zabobony CD

  • POPIÓŁ (Poland) - Zabobony CD (2019) Polish Black Metallers Thy Worshiper's unreleased sophomore album recorded and released under a different band name. Understandably, this hearkens back to the greats of the 90's Polish Black Metal scene like Sacrilegium, North, and, well, Thy Worshiper, while maintaining the atmospheric, sonorous depth of "Klechdy" - (Thy Worshiper's 2016 masterpiece).  A must-buy for fans of any kind of Pagan Black Metal. A perfect balance between emotions, atmosphere, vibes and spirituality. Embrace the dark superstitions, delve into the dark ambience, bow to the genuine originality and expect the unexpected.  **originally published on**  Godz Ov War ‎– GOWP MMMDCCLXIII


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