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Porta Daemonium - Serpent of Chaos LP

Porta Daemonium - Serpent of Chaos LP

  • PORTA DAEMONIUM (Chile)  ‎– Serpent Of Chaos (2016) Black vinyl (limited to 200 copies) Porta Daemonium are another band having crawled out of an ancient and putrid dungeon from somewhere deep within the Chilean jungle to punish the world with ghoulish music. Taking a lot of inspiration from bands like Incantation and/or Drawn and Quartered, they present their debut album which is a beast consisting of rumbling rhythms harmonies that will haunt the listener even after the record has finished.  At first glance the music of Porta Daemonium has a quite primitive vibe. This impression is further enhanced by the putrid production with the guitars being down-tuned and having a fuzzy tone and the drums having a very rough sound reminding of some bush drums being abused by a rabid gorilla. Taking a deeper look at the song structures it becomes clear that there is more to the music than just rawness and aggression. Clever moments like short break-downs or variation of the main riffs and a few rhythm changes put in the right places enhance the sound. Those elements are used subtly and are woven into the walls of brutal sound. Enhanced by atmospheric and eerie elements the record feels like a sinister trip into the depth of dark places. Blood Harvest ‎– YOTZ#2017-006


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