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Portal - Avow Digipak CD


Portal - Avow Digipak CD

  • PORTAL (Australia) - Avow (sealed Digipak CD) (2021). This is the sixth full-length album from the influential avant-garde Australian Death Metal surrealists PORTAL.  It is the follow-up to 2018’s acclaimed album "ION."

    If there's one thing consistent about Brisbane-based Death Metal band PORTAL, it's that this fearsome fivesome has been plying its brand of atmospheric cosmic-horror experimental Death Metal to the utmost since these guys first met in unholy musical communion back in 1994. The band's output thus far has varied from "far-out extreme" to "very far-out extreme" over the past 25 years.

    PORTAL's sixth album "Avow" definitely falls somewhere within that range - from start to finish it's a sterling effort in full-on grinding Death Metal lava outflow with fluttery hordes-of-metal-hornets guitar scrabble, manic percussion and crazed demoniac grunting and growling.

    If you were to drill down deep enough into the Earth's mantle and put down microphones able to withstand the immense pressures and heat to record the music in Hell, it would surely sound much like what PORTAL deliver here on "Avow", only it would be continuous and magnified a hundred times over in density and volume at even more insane speeds.  **originally published on by NausikaDalazBlindaz** Profound Lore Records ‎– PFL-256


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