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Profane Order - Slave Morality CD

Profane Order - Slave Morality CD

  • PROFANE ORDER (Quebec, Canada) - Slave Morality CD (2019).  On the band's debut full-length album, Slave Morality, Profane Order have birthed unto us something truly depraved and fascinating. It's a twisted look into the human psyche from a band who are eager to explore the darker side of things. The reverb laden vocals and surging Black Metal riffs come across furious and angry. The off-kilter solos on tracks like Entranced (By The Morning Star) are barely coherent - which is exactly what makes them so compelling. The guitar tone is especially interesting - it has a sort of blank faced and wonderfully horrific darkness that ensure the listener is going to stay morbidly fascinated with what Profane Order are bringing to the table.  Recommended for fans ofTetragrammacide, Revenge, Blasphemy, Impiety, and Sarcófago.  Krucyator Productions ‎– KP027


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