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Recluse - The Black Famine CD

Recluse - The Black Famine CD

  • RECLUSE (USA/France) - The Black Famine CD (2016 Vault of Dried Bones Re-issue).  This is the ultimate CD edition of "The Black Famine" compilation.  In addition to the self-titled 2013 demo, the Frozen Blood EP from 2014 and the new track "Ropes," this release also includes two unreleased tracks - an intro and a cover of Vlad Tepes "In Holocaust To The Natural Darkness."

    Previously containing only a folded insert, this updated re-issue version is now presented with a twelve page booklet. The compilation features most of the artwork from the CD-R version seen on the Hooded in Oil release as well as expanded artwork and lyrics. 

    Raw, Hate-Filled and Extreme Black Metal for fans of: Black Cilice, Axis of Light, Mons Veneris, Morte Incandescente and those who have a general disdain for the human race in general.  **originally published on**  Vault Of Dried Bones ‎– VAULT 029


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