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Repulsion - Horrified LP

Repulsion - Horrified LP

  • REPULSION (Michigan, USA) - Horrified (2020 Relapse Re-issue on Swamp Green inside Clear with Blood Red, White and Cyan Blue Splatter vinyl - limited to 2,040 copies).  These pioneers of nasty music are the reason we love our underground very much. This entire album is in fact the soundtrack to the impending death of mankind.

    With excellent and erratic solos, which can only be found in 80's Death/Grind.  It is about time that bands like Repulsion are making their long awaited comeback, and gracing the stage of massive festivals such as the sixth installment of Maryland Death Fest, and having the honour to play with Swedish Death masters At the Gates. You have to be a deprived of the extreme music life, to never have heard of a band as legendary of Michigan's own Repulsion.  There is no such thing as being too hyped up for a band such as this. The aggressive riffages, alongside disgustingly brilliant solos of Matt Olivo and Aaron Freeman, the razor edge feel of Scott Carlson's driving bass lines and the mastery of Dave "Grave" Hollingshead's D-Beats and blast beats alike, are all the sure fire convincing you'll need to get into this crossfire of musician madness.

    20-plus years ago, it was unthinkable that you could fuse something already angst-driven like Hardcore Punk and Thrash Metal, and create the most hated abomination to those who simply cannot understand and comprehend the sounds being pelted like maces to the gut. All in all, an extremely impressive album. I am glad to have heard of this band. If you haven't heard this opus of an album, I suggest that you do so immediately!  **originally published on by Il_Misanthrope** Relapse Records ‎– RR6563


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