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Sarcófago ‎– I.N.R.I. LP

Sarcófago ‎– I.N.R.I. LP

  • Sarcófago ‎(Brazil) - I.N.R.I. (2017 Greyhaze Records Repress on Black vinyl - w/yellow cover as shown).  Originally recorded and released back in 1987 by Brazilian label Cogumelo Produções.  What an album of pure and unadulterated chaos! Picture the scene, it's mid to late 80's Brazil, the dictatorship is over and Extreme Music is the new leader. Sepultura already has two records, Holocausto's debut is released, Sextrash is releasing demos, Vulcano also has two releases out.

    To say the least, the first wave of Brutal Thrash, or what we like to call Death/Thrash is burgeoning in Brazil!  Most people just know Sepultura, but there is definitely much quality and truly necro and evil releases. Sarcofago is a direct result of Wagner, or as he's more commonly known as, "Antichrist" being kicked out of Sepultura and forming a new band, wanting to be even more Evil. The result is one of the finest and definitely the most Evil Thrash Metal release arguably of all time, I.N.R.I.

    1987 was a huge year for the bridging between Thrash to Death, with DEATH (US) debuting and many other Thrash bands turning up the intensity to 100. Many fans think Sarcófago's debut outdid Sepultura's sophomore effort.

    Let's delve into one of the most Evil releases in Thrash and Metal history, Sarcofago's I.N.R.I. this album is absolutely essential listening. Definitely a pioneering release, mixing three great genres to make someting unlike anything heard before.

    Late 80's Brazilian Metal conjured up some of the most Hellish music recorded at that time. Sarcófago succeed in being the most Evil band, with Sepultura not even coming close. If you like Evil Metal that combines Black, Thrash, and Death Metal flawlessly, than I.N.R.I. is for you, my friends. Give it a listen ASAP. **originally published on by NolanBell7805**  Greyhaze Records ‎– ZEBU005LP


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