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Serum Dreg - Lustful Vengeance CD

Serum Dreg - Lustful Vengeance CD

  • SERUM DREG (Oregon, USA) - Lustful Vengeance (2018) CD (sealed copy).  The debut full-length from Serum Dreg focuses on worship of sex, hedonism, and ritualistic chaos executed through the most traditional means possible. Lustful Vengeance carries the torch of primitive Black/Death Metal, once again pushing the boundaries of Vrasubatlat’s grasp but this time out of the unorthodox and into the realm of ancestral aural hate. Serum Dreg’s debut carries with it the demented fixation of the Vrasubatlat (a.k.a. the "Some Day I Will Kill You") philosophy while managing to dredge in familiar waters of primeval warfare.  **originally published on**  Invictus Productions – IP131 (Ireland)


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