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Shambles - Primitive Death Trance LP

Shambles - Primitive Death Trance LP

  • SHAMBLES (Thailand) - Primitive Death Trance (EP) (2018) (Black vinyl - limited to 300 copies) Includes a 12 x 12 double-sided insert and an additional outer thick paper OBI strip covering the openening with band-info, barcode and download code. Layering the devastation with absolutely morbid vocals, Shambles are unbearably heavy and disgusting. Their music is about as DEATH/DOOM as there can be, rumbling primitive riffs and inhuman growls. "Primitive Death Trance" is the kind of music that can define a genre. You won’t hear much this year that is heavier, more crushingly doom nor something that is so virulently savage and violent. This is no illusion of the void, you are staring directly into the black abyss and you are hearing the voices on what lies beneath. Unbelievably great stuff here, cannot recommend it enough. Blood Harvest ‎– YOTZ#2017-032-MLP


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