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Sikfuk - Shitfisted Superman The Man of Stool CD

Sikfuk - Shitfisted Superman The Man of Stool CD

  • SIKFUK (Minnesota, USA) - Shitfisted Superman...The Man Of Stool (2009) (sealed CD copy). Comatose Music presents the one man, shitbearded, cyber slamming, bizarro booze fueled, muthafukin' tardgrind machine SIKFUK! This newest pooty tang stained, gore spackeled, shit encrusted full-length CD is entitled 'Shitfisted Superman... The Man of Stool'!

    Songs like 'Eight Ball in Her Brown Pocket' and 'Donkey Dicks and Hot Dog Tits' will have you laughing like a raging lunatic! Twelve page full color booklet loaded with offensive cartoon artwork courtesy of Lou Rusconi (Anal Blast, Meat Shits).  **originally published on**  Comatose Music COMA 034


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