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Skelethal - Unveiling The Threshold CD

Skelethal - Unveiling The Threshold CD

  • SKELETHAL (France) - Unveiling The Threshold (2020) SKELETHAL play blistering Old School Death Metal and have been performing together since 2012. Within those eight years they’ve produced two full-lengths, the second being"Unveiling The Threshold." This album is exactly the monstrosity that 2020 deserves. It’s close to forty minutes of crushing Old School Death which borrows heavily from the Swedish sound, but is lathered in a putrid atmosphere that’ll melt through your flesh and turn you into a vomit inducing sludge.

    It’s got a really primitive sound, which isn't usually associate with the French Death Metal scene. Typically it’s more focused on technical prowess combined with brutality, like compatriots Benighted. That primitive sound, coupled with clever song writing, makes for a really interesting listen with tremendous replay value. You'll be playing this to death and will enjoy every bone crushing minute!   Recommended for fans of:  Skeletal Remains, Witch Vomit, Entombed and Dismember**originally published on** Hells Headbangers ‎– HELLS 279


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